Ari Melber has done what few in the cable news business are even capable of doing. Melber has fact based, civil, and calm segments on his program. He doesn’t rant, he doesn’t do over the top drama, or try to incite outrage in any way. Every weekday night at 6pm, Melber just lays out the facts. And when he interviews guests, from all sides of the political spectrum, he treats them all the same.

That apparently didn’t work for Trump attorney, Joe Tacopina.

Tacopina literally tried to take away and get rid of Melber’s fact sheet of evidence, which Melber often calls “receipts” when the facts got too uncomfortable.

It didn’t take long for that to happen, either. Melber played a clip of Trump lying about the Stormy Daniels settlement on Air Force One during his presidency. That made Joe Tacopina go into a spazzy rage where he tried to rip Melber’s written facts out of his hand, saying things like “put that down” and “we don’t need that.”

Before that, he tried to “lawyersplain” to Melber. He tried to say that Trump’s lie wasn’t a lie and that he defined lying as only things that are “material, under oath, in a proceeding.”

Unfortunately, for him, Melber is a lawyer as well, and quickly corrected him by saying “I didn’t say perjury, I said a lie.”

Maybe it came as a shock to Trump’s lawyer that lies happen outside courtrooms too.

After Tacopina’s attempts to get Melber’s receipts out of his hand and trying to talk down to Melber failed, he tried to justify the lie by saying he had to because of the confidentiality agreement. Melber again corrected him, pointing out that one isn’t supposed to lie because of a confidential agreement, they are supposed to say things like “no comment” and “I’m not going to get into that.”

All Tacopina had left was trying to discredit Michael Cohen. That didn’t go very well either. Once again, Melber had the literal receipts. He had the checks Cohen received in reimbursements after he paid off Stormy Daniels. Once again, Tacopina tried to pretend that since the checks were made out to Cohen, they couldn’t have been from the Daniel’s payoff. As if the hush money was going to be paid in a check signed by Trump.

Check out the full segment below …