On Thursday, just before news broke that Donald Trump had been indicted by a Manhattan grand jury, Larry Kudlow, the Fox Business host and Trump’s former White House economic adviser, remarked that the district attorney in the case was “unable to indict a ham sandwich.”

The expression, which has become popular in legal circles, is used to emphasize the great deal of influence prosecutors can have on a grand jury.

Kudlow then turned to his guest, Charlie Hurt, the opinion editor of the Washington Times, who agreed that Trump would not be indicted. Hurt went on to attack the U.S. justice system for what he perceived to be bias against the former president.

Less than an hour later The New York Times reported that the grand jury had voted to indict Trump for his role in a hush money payment to adult film actor Stormy Daniels.

As the Huffington Post commented, Larry Kudlow made a prediction that “aged like milk.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time the pro-corporate right wing pundit has made way off the mark predictions just before the opposite happened. On February 25, 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic was emerging as a global pandemic, Kudlow stated, “We have contained this, I won’t say airtight but pretty close to airtight.”

Three weeks later, America would go into a “lockdown” by and large in the nation. To date, well over a million Americans have died from the virus and over 100 million cases have been reported.

In 1993, Kudlow predicted Clinton’s economic plan would lead to a recession. By the end of the decade, America experienced one of it’s greatest economic periods ever.

Kudlow predicted great things from George W Bush’s economic policies right before America went into a huge recession and a Wall Street meltdown.

The fact is, Larry Kudlow is wrong a lot. Especially on the big things. We have listed only a few of the many examples out there.

It is being reported that Trump is facing around 30 criminal counts, some of which stem from the payout to Stormy Daniels. Because the indictment is still under seal, it is unknown how many charges relate to that payment and how many are about other matters.

The payment, which was offered in exchange for her silence about an alleged affair between her and Trump a decade earlier, was made shortly before the 2016 election.

Trump is now the first U.S. president in history to be criminally charged. He is expected to turn himself in to Manhattan authorities on Tuesday. When arraigned, the indictment is expected to be unsealed.

If there was an award for the worst predictor of future events, Larry Kudlow would be a winner of it multiple times.  Nostradamus, he is not.