SNL probably had their best cold open of the year. Trump being indicted, or “indicated” as he (mis)spells  it, set the stage for a hilarious opening for the long running comedy show. James Austin Johnson might do the best Trump impression ever with the way he has his cadence and knack for hyperbole perfected.

Check out the spot-on hilarious impression/roast of the former President below:

Trump begins by pulling his “April Fool’s” joke, channeling Jim from the office by declaring that he is going to prison peacefully and quietly.

he then uses the publicity to announce his new album, “Now That’s What I Call My Legal Defense Fund”  featuring his Trumpian covers like Hard To Handle and 29 more — all horrible, according to Trump. The album is a follow up to his J6 choir song’s success, apparently. It sets the stage for some great comedy.

Don King makes an appearance to duet “Islands In The Stream.”

Trump lets us know that Melania is in high spirits, in fact, since the announcement that he might go to prison, he has never seen her happier.

After previewing another song from the album, Alanis Morrisette’s Ironic, Trump ponders what prison might be like. What it would be like lifting weights with “the homies” and he wonders aloud if he might convert to being a Muslim behind bars.

Afroman sits in as the duo runs through “But I Got High” and uses the tune to remind everyone that he thinks all drug dealers should be executed.

Don Jr. joins in for some creepiness, because it would be incomplete without that.

Before hitting the famous “Live From New York” tagline, Trump reminds us he will be appearing in New York on Tuesday, a date many Americans now have circled on their calendar for various reasons.

The bit is simply hilarious and James Austin Johnson delivers it with perfection. Probably the most perfect impression ever, as Trump might put it himself as he announces aloud how “everyone” is telling him that.

Unfortunately for Trump, his actual indictment on Tuesday won’t be nearly as funny as this cold open was.