Former President Donald Trump might be seen by many as having too much baggage to win a second term in office. New York Magazine columnist Jonathan Chait, however, is pointing to some new moves being made by the allegedly centrist organization “No Labels” that could put him back in the White House anyway.

Chait reports that the anonymously funded private donor driven group is looking like it has plans to run a candidate for president in 2024 that could potentially peel away enough Democratic voters to give Trump a win in key swing states.

“Like a far-off meteor heading directly for Earth, a No Labels campaign is simultaneously distant yet disconcertingly likely to result in catastrophe,” Chait explains.

Although the group insists it will not a run a “spoiler” campaign, Chait points out that it’s very suspicious that former Sen. Joe Lieberman, an associate of the group, would not say that President Joe Biden is not an “extreme” candidate despite the fact that he has enjoyed multiple bipartisan successes ranging from his infrastructure bill to legislation aimed at building up America’s capacity to build semiconductors.

“Biden may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but he has worked productively with Republicans to sign a surprisingly broad array of bipartisan legislation,” says Chait. “His main partisan domestic initiative was essentially written by Joe Manchin, who is also involved with No Labels. It seems bizarre to create a group dedicated to promoting moderate, bipartisan legislation as a protest against a president who has actually accomplished those very goals.”

Chait concludes by putting out the warning that No Labels is creating a “political doomsday device” that could inflict incalculable damage on the United States.

And he may be correct. There would be no point in running a 3rd candidate unless it was a spoiler campaign. Such a move would have the potential to derail Biden in 2024. In addition to Joe Lieberman’s shadiness, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin refused to rule out running in 2024 and trashed Biden on more than one occasion in an interview on Fox News Sunday this past weekend. Manchin is also a member of the No Labels tribe.