Before getting to more serious stuff, Al Franken had one thing to say about the Bud Light “gay beer controversy” — “This is so stupid.”

Al Franken then moved on to address politics in America after the Dobbs SCOTUS decision that overturned Roe v Wade. Franken spoke about how effective the abortion issue was before the court decided to overturn Roe. He pointed out that there were a lot of “one issue” voters before the court’s decision. It worked for the Republicans. They could pound the podium and get those votes. Then, after Dobbs, it became pretty obvious that there were more “one issue voters” on the other side of the issue — the folks who didn’t want government telling women what they could and could not do with their own bodies, regardless of how they felt about abortion.

Since Dobbs, banning abortion has become a ballot box loser. In Kansas, a referendum to more severely restrict reproductive rights lost big. In the 2022 midterms, abortion almost single handedly turned the “red wave” into a puddle. Just last week, in Wisconsin, in a state Supreme Court election, the anti abortion candidate lost by about 10 points in an election that was supposed to be “razor thin.”

The former Minnesota Senator showed how the same thing may be happening with guns as almost daily mass shootings fill headlines and news cycles and the GOP responds with looser gun laws in red states.

Where such things are positives for progressives and liberals, Franken also addressed a problem that could throw cold water on their hopes and dreams.

Using the Wisconsin Supreme Court election as an example, Franken brought to light how Republicans, after the loss, and before the liberal justice is sworn in are wanting to “recall” (or impeach)her — in other words, nullify the victory even before she is sworn in. Such a thing is unlikely, but just the suggestion of it in GOP circles is chilling.

From where Franken sits, such things are a danger. The bad faith politics being practiced by the GOP. Efforts to subvert the system — win, or squash the other side’s win by any means possible. That is how the GOP operates today. Franken believes more Americans need to be aware of such things in order to stop them.

It has gotten so absurd that it is “close to a parody, but not funny” according to Franken.

There’s more Al Franken had to say, of course. You can check out his witty but serious conversation with Alex Wagner below …