One of the  main attorneys defending former President Donald Trump in the Mar-a-Lago documents case has now become one of his former attorneys, at least in this case, after becoming a potential witness.

The Washington Post reports that attorney Evan Corcoran, who  was forced to testify by special counsel Jack Smith about conversations he’d had with Trump about the documents at his residence, is no longer representing the former president in this case.

Corcoran testified after a judge found that there was enough evidence to suggest that Trump’s conversations with Corcoran were in the furtherance of a crime, which allowed Smith’s team to overcome the attorney-client privilege shield that normally would protect a lawyer from having to testify against their own clients.

The Post notes that “legal ethics rules — including those in Maryland and D.C. — generally bar attorneys from acting as advocates at trial when they are likely to be an essential witness” in order to “prevent conflicts of interest between the attorney and client, as well as to avoid putting the other party and the judge at a disadvantage by confusing whether the attorney is speaking to facts based on their personal knowledge — or commenting on evidence given by others.”

Evan Corcoran will still be on board in Smith’s other investigation surrounding his attempts to retain power after his 2020 election loss.