Shortly after Kid Rock’s publicity stunt was proving to be an utter failure, the right wing satirical site decided to have a little fun. They put out a story that claimed Anheuser Busch had “fired their entire marketing staff.” Anheuser Busch did nothing of the kind and weeks later, the company’s stock is doing quite well (vs “tanking” as right wing talking heads predicted). That “fun” was so much fun (and obviously profitable for them) that they decided to do it again — this time using rival beer maker, Miller Beer.

People on social media who followed the initial “Kid Rock blows up Bud Light cans” story probably remember comments from right wingers citing the supposed “firing” as proof their boycott was destroying Anheuser Busch. It wasn’t, and they all ended up with proverbial egg on their face when they realize they were duped by that story or one of the other stories declaring the same thing, and often using the “patriot party news” site as their source. (note: we are not linking to the satire site, you can google it)

That same “patriot” site has now published a story claiming Miller Beer and Kid Rock have signed a promotional agreement. They didn’t.

The fake headline on the fake “patriot” site that right wingers are falling for.

But in the comments on many social media posts, the same folks are bragging about this fake agreement. They are now the official “fool me twice and you can probably fool me again” crowd.

This is even putting aside the irony that Miller supports the LGBTQ community as much, if not more than Anheuser Busch.

Meanwhile, Anheuser Busch is doing fine. Kid Rock still can’t sell out his concerts that are coming up this summer. And the same people who got fooled by Fox’s lies about voting machines and the 2020 election have shown they can be fooled over and over again by a 2nd rate satire site.

This is where we are. It is sad and unfortunate that a major portion of this country is so full of hate, fear, and vitriol that they can be repeatedly duped by those who’s profits rely almost solely to come from them. This is why we can’t have real and good-faith conversations anymore.

This is why the discourse is decaying in our nation — Not because some black people or children don’t want to be summarily executed in this country by cops and vigilantes, not because Anheuser Busch sent a case of specialty beer cans to 1 of hundreds of influencers who happened to be transgender, and not because people want to do what we can to limit climate change’s impact on the planet.