A Bellevue Hospital employee has come under fire after she seemingly used her fake “white woman tears” to take a CitiBike away from a young black man who had already paid for it, the New York Post reported. The woman isn’t identified but many are just calling her “Karen.”

A video posted on Saturday shows the incident between the woman and the man, where the woman seemingly tries to suggest that the man is a threat to her.

At no point does her claim reflect the reality of the situation.

“Help! Help me! Please, help me,” the woman yells as he grasps at the bike. The man can be seen keeping his grip on the bike and repeatedly telling the woman, as politely as possible, that he’s already paid for it. Despite that, the woman continues to call for help and feigning like he is attacking her.

“Get off me! Get off me, you’re hurting my fetus,” the woman says while pushing at the man. At one point she tries to put his hand on her stomach so she can claim he is maliciously attacking her.

“I’m not touching you! You’re putting your stomach on my hand,” the man responds. When another hospital employee comes on the scene and asks what’s wrong, the woman starts fake crying. When it becomes obvious to him that the bike has been rented by the young black man her “tears” suddenly stop.

Eventually, the woman becomes calm and chooses another Citibike.

Citibike is a rideshare/bike rental service sponsored by Lyft, the car rideshare company. Renters can use any bike at a rental station and return it to that or any other station in the city.

What the woman was trying to “pull” is unknown, but it is obvious she was trying to appeal to people’s racist tendencies to get her way. People typically call such people a “Karen.”

Watch the incident below …