When Donald Trump was impeached for the 1st time, Republicans, at the time, said he shouldn’t be impeached because there was an election coming and the voters should decide. Then, the voters did decide — Joe Biden won by over 7 million votes.

Trump challenged that win and lost an astonishingly 60 times in court. Most of the rulings weren’t even close. Audits, recounts, and other verifying tools showed Biden fairly won the election.

Trump’s supporters then tried to overthrow the election by force on January 6th. We were told by Republicans that it was “legitimate political discourse” as GOP Senators during the 2nd impeachment trial claimed that they couldn’t convict him for January 6th as he was no longer POTUS while acknowledging his guilt.

Now that Jack Smith has indicted Trump for some very serious crimes, Republicans are back to saying “let the voters decide” even though the election won’t happen for another year and a half.

Through all this, there is only one consistency. Republicans want to avoid holding Trump accountable for anything. They are willing to go to any length to avoid the facts in either impeachment or any criminal case. There is always an excuse to ignore the facts and attack the process or procedure at hand.

The bad part for them is that these facts won’t go away.

1) Republicans are forgetting that the investigation into Trump began BEFORE he declared his candidacy. It is not about him running for office.

2) This isn’t the Democratic Party running a “witch hunt”. Christopher Wray was appointed as head of the FBI by Donald Trump.

3) If declaring a run for the presidency were to negate a criminal investigation, then everyone could avoid prosecution for a crime by simply declaring as a candidate for President.

4) Former leaders do not get a “Get out of Jail” card for crimes because they once led the government. Holding him accountable doesn’t represent a “Two-tiered” justice system.

5) The facts in the 49 page indictment are damning. They are not a conviction, they are only accusations. But they are accusations backed by a mountain of facts. Facts that are sourced through his own staff, loyalists, advisors, lawyers, and his own words and actions. The media, woke people, and the Democratic party have had no bearing on any of it.

Like Bill Barr, his handpicked Attorney General who shamelessly defended him until his last days as President said, “if only half of it is true, he is toast.” Barr also said even he was “shocked” at the detail and depth of the charges and that any suggestion that this is a “witch-hunt” are “ridiculous.”

If one takes Donald Trump’s name off of the indictment and place anyone else’s name on it, what would be the conclusion? Would stealing documents that contain national security secrets of great importance not only to us but to our allies and enemies alike be “forgiven?”

And we aren’t talking a document or two. We are talking lots of them. Add to that, if John Doe jerked the Federal Government around for a year and a half by lying, deceiving, and hiding documents, would we just “let that go?” Not letting it go is the action of a mature democracy, not a banana republic. NOT prosecuting him would be political.

Prosecuting him is indicative of a justice system that works. If the facts show he should go free, then he will. If they do not, then he won’t. This is America and he is innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Let the system work.

The Democrats, media, or the “woke mob” are not prosecuting Trump. He is being prosecuted by an independent judiciary and a prosecutor who is literally an independent voter, beholden to no party. The jury will consist of people from all walks of life and political persuasions. Up till now, Trump has been shown more deference and been handled with the kind of kid gloves that no one else I can think of has ever been.

This process could not have been more fair. In fact, the justice system has bent over backwards trying to accommodate him.