Despite coming together occasionally, on the whole, America is deeply divided. On one side is the MAGA-QAnon world consisting of Donald Trump supporters primarily. On the other side is everyone else. That isn’t a newsflash.

But Americans probably don’t realize just how deep and far that divide is. In fact, it isn’t a stretch to say that the two groups live in entirely different worlds believing in a very different set of “facts.

Judy Woodruff and PBS did a roundtable discussion (video is below the article) this week that consisted of  only Trump supporters. These were all voters who voted for Trump twice. When they were asked about certain people and events, their answers showed that what they think and believe might even be further off the reservation than one might guess otherwise.

First example, when asked about the 2nd indictment of Donald Trump, all of them knew it happened, but many of them refused to believe it was legitimate. One commented that it was a “set-up.” Another speculated about the FBI engaging in nefarious behavior, perhaps to plant evidence, by commenting “how do we know what they were up to?”

None of that is true. It wasn’t a “set-up.” It is common knowledge that the Federal Government tried to get the stolen documents back for a year and a half. He ignored a subpoena issued after over a year of refusal. That isn’t a set-up. And Trump knows exactly what they did, as his own surveillance footage is in his possession, and has been since the raid. He could release it if there was anything nefarious. He never has. 

What about January 6th? That was a set-up too, according to the Trump voters. To back that up, they choose to cherry pick a few of the videos showing Capitol police not being forceful against them while ignoring the hours of footage. Footage that shows gallows being built for Mike Pence and chants of “hang Mike Pence.” They ignore all the hours of violence including violence against the police.

The participants, when put in a position where defending Trump is tough, immediately go to “whataboutisms” about Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. They fail to see that Joe Biden had a few documents that when discovered, were immediately handed over. That Biden has volunteered for multiple searches of his vacation home and the records at the University of Delaware to make sure there is nothing else in his possession.

But these Trump voters feel it is all “exactly the same thing.” It isn’t, and one need not be a lawyer to see that. 

One panelist, out of the whole group, did admit that after actually reading the indictment (vs just listening to right wing news sources about it) he was sure Trump did commit crimes and should “go away.” He also said that he would vote for Trump over Biden if that was the choice in 2024.

It seems that most Americans either live in the MAGA “bubble” or outside of it. And at least for now, it will probably remain that way. Although, as any political observer knows, it is still a long time before the 2024 election and more information will surely surface that might change some minds.

Time will tell.

Check out the PBS segment with the Trump supporter roundtable below: