The “America 1st” MAGA crowd has been on the warpath against Anheuser Busch and Bud Light over the “horror” that the international conglomerate dared to send a can of beer to a trans influencer. Apparently, in their eyes, trans people are not allowed to enjoy the same brand of beer as they do.

For months, the “America 1st” army, under the leadership of admitted racist and pedophile, Kid Rock, who apparently is desperate to stay relevant, have searched for a new brand of beer to embrace. One that doesn’t come with the taint of anyone in the LGBTQ crowd enjoying it.

They looked at Coors, but Coors supports the  LGBTQ community as much, if not more that Anheuser Busch.

They looked at Miller, but Miller supports the LGBTQ crowd enthusiastically as well.

They were probably shocked to discover that many of the craft and micro brews on the market also don’t mind a gay or trans person enjoying one of their creations.

So, apparently, the “America 1st” MAGA gang settled on Modelo Especial to be the new beer of choice. The beer is now the number 1 selling beer in the United States.

So, they finally got Anheuser Busch, right? They taught Anheuser Busch who is boss and what is what, right?

Umm, no.

This will probably come as a shock to all those beer drinking MAGA enthusiasts, but Modelo is owned by Anheuser Busch. So, all those “boycott dollars” are going right back into the exact same pockets they were seeking to deny.

Furthermore, this is the “buy American” crowd. Modelo is made in Mexico. So, MAGA folks apparently don’t care about costing Americans jobs as long as a gay or trans person doesn’t get to enjoy the same brand of beer that they do.

Oh, one more thing — Modelo has its own LGBTQ pride campaign.

Meanwhile, Anheuser Busch is doing just fine. Soon after the “boycott” was in full swing, their stock hit its peak numbers. Since then, it has fluctuated, as it was expected to after peaking, and has definitely not  “tanked” as some MAGA advocates predicted. Generally the stock today is still trading much higher than its low point in the past year, which happened last October, before any of this foolish nonsense began.

More importantly, on the “business” side of things, analysts overwhelmingly are forecasting their stock to rise and hit even higher peak prices as it did in the spring.

Some cherry picking analysts have tried to make things look worse for Anheuser Busch than it actually is, throwing around numbers out of context to people who really don’t know a thing about how markets work. But such folks aren’t affecting anything in the real world.

Meanwhile, to recap, the America 1st MAGA crowd went from boycotting one American Anheuser Busch product to a Mexican Anheuser Busch product naively unaware of the futility of it all. The company is fine. Their neighbor’s job, well, that remains to be seen. But apparently, a gay or trans person enjoying the same brand of beer as them is much more important than American jobs.