Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan and Florida Congressman, Matt Gaetz once again tried to use what has become a farce of a “committee” to sling mud at the behest of Donald Trump this week. Just like previous attempts, it was a disaster. In fact, it might have been the biggest disaster of Jordan’s tenure as the “weaponization of government” chair. And that is saying a lot considering the blunders so far.

Jordan has trotted out “whistleblowers” who have turned out to be just paid off disgruntled hacks. 

Jordan has been forced to shamelessly break his own committee rules in order to shield Democrats from obtaining embarrassing (to Jordan and/or his allies) information. Virtually every hearing he has held has been a disaster, according to many observers.

Still, apparently obliged to obey Donald Trump, Jordan presses on — trying to find something … anything … that might stick and make a Democrat, preferably Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, look bad.

Such was the case at the Durham hearing. Most experts and observers have already determined his report to be a nothingburger. What was supposed to be the “smoking gun” that would take all those “bad dems” down, was, in fact, a weak report that Durham himself couldn’t manufacture a charge against anyone with — and it wasn’t because he didn’t try his darndest.

It had some criticisms on a few details that anyone can come up with in hindsight, and suggested a few process changes at the FBI and DOJ, but nothing that was particularly new or groundbreaking. Add to that, some grandstanding and platitudes that are backed up with very little new or substantiative information.

Durham spent the hearing getting his proverbial head bashed in by Democrats on the committee. Ted Lieu exposed Durham as a “partisan hack” when Durham tried to dodge obvious answers to his questions. Adam Schiff showed America that Durham’s “convenient” recollections were either to gloss over the fact that Durham’s job was really to try to make Trump look good and those prosecuting him to look bad or that he really didn’t know much about the subject he was talking about. Then, after all that, he got Durham to admit that the Russians were exclusively trying to help Trump in the 2016 election.

The rest of the hearing was a total bust for Jordan and the MAGA GOP.

Matt Gaetz thought he would try to save the day. He failed, of course. But his tact inadvertently showed the nation the MAGA GOP pattern of attack.

It became obvious that just as people had said, that the “Durham Report” was a bust, so Gaetz went into conspiracy mode. Because if there is one thing MAGA Republicans do — and do often, it is cry conspiracy when all else fails.

Gaetz and Durham had the following exchange during the hearing after the Florida congressman accused the special counsel’s office of failing to investigate Mueller’s team wiping its phones, which Gaetz suggested contained evidence of wrongdoing.

“That was not something that we were asked to look at,” Durham said.

Gaetz interrupted, saying “That’s not true.”

“I’m holding a document that authorizes your activity and it specifically says the investigation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.”

After Durham disputed Gaetz’s characterization of the scope of the special counsel’s investigation, the Florida congressman alleged that Durham was involved in a “cover up.”

“The FBI did a bunch of wrong and corrupt things. Totally understand. We’re trying to deal with that. But when you are part of the cover up, Mr. Durham, and it makes our job harder,” Gaetz said.

Cover up? Really, Matt? Oh yeah, that’s what MAGA Republicans do when all hope is lost. That is because, in their own eyes, they never lose — and when it appears that they do, it must be a conspiracy and a cover up. According to them, the 2020 election was a conspiracy and cover-up. Joe Biden is on one hand a drooling, bumbling invalid and at the same time a criminal mastermind in the vein of Vito Corleone or Frank Lucas. Hillary Clinton, who the GOP chased around for 30 years without even getting her for jaywalking, is the greatest criminal mastermind of them all. Forget that Team Trump had all the investigative evidence at their disposal for four years while Trump was POTUS but his hand picked Attorney Generals couldn’t come up with even a misdemeanor to charge her with. That is leaving aside the 8 years the Bush administration had the same tools — and nothing came of it.

But when one steps back, it is obvious in hindsight that Matt Gaetz went this route. Democrats slayed Durham and exposed his investigation as right wing political theater, so the only course was to cut bait and accuse Durham of being part of a conspiracy. After all, it is the MAGA way.

For the record, John Durham himself was offended by the accusation, saying back to Gaetz:

“Yeah, well if that’s your thought, I mean, there’s no way of dissuading you from that, I can tell you that it’s offensive, and that the people who worked on this investigation have spent their lives trying to protect people in this country and pursue within the law what it is that we can authorize to do.”

And America should be as offended at Matt Gaetz and the rest of the not ready for prime time players like Jordan, James Comer, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and all the others who have followed the Trump script of constantly attacking anyone who defies Trump, or in Durham’s case, can’t come up with a single chargeable offense after the conclusion of his investigation.

He must be “in on it” according to Gaetz.

But the rest of the world, at least the sane world, knows that isn’t the case.

One glimmer of light in all this are signs that this schtick has worn all too thin and some Republicans are just sick and tired of all this nonsense. At least, that is the opinion of Brendan Buck, the former top advisor to ex-House Speaker Paul Ryan.

“The reality is, House members are losing patience with a lot of these investigations. That’s because they rushed out right after the election and said that, pretty plainly, that Joe Biden is part of some corruption deal with his son,” he said. “In fact, Jim Jordan and James Comer, the two party chairman came out and said they have direct evidence that Joe Biden was part of some schemes with overseas dealings. Of course, six months later, we’ve not seen any of that.”

Buck also commented that some Republicans are frustrated with all these “jihads” waged by extremists in their caucus and want it to end.

It is probably safe to say that not only do some Republicans want all the right wing extremist nonsense to end, but millions of Americans want that too.