Former Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman hates bullies. Riggleman fights back against bullies using forensics and facts. As one of Hunter Biden’s attorneys, Riggleman has been digging deep into the files of the infamous laptop of Hunter Biden for two years. He says he now can prove that many of the people who promoted January 6th conspiracy theories, like Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani also had their hands on a lot of the stuff in Hunter Biden’s laptop. He also claims he can prove it using forensics and facts.

The former congressman was interviewed by Jim Acosta on Sunday. Riggleman explained to the CNN host that he has been working on the “technical and analytical report compared to phone forensics” as it pertains to the infamous laptop. “And I’ve been tracking data over the past two years.”

He then revealed some of what he knows.

“There are some things I can’t talk about, unlike the grifters. I have to have transparency and verification to stand up in a court of law, but I can tell you this,” Riggleman continued. “What we want to look at first is the data out there purported to be Hunter Biden’s laptop, and we wanted to see if there was any forensic format, and make sure there was no forensic validity to it and Jim, there was none. Jim, if you’re looking at 4chan or from a site like MarcoPolo, you have to have forensic validity. And I am shocked that anybody in Congress would use that data, or any journalist would use those sources because [of] what we found out. We do have the data, we have the 1s and 0s. We do have the facts based on the 1s and 0s that we have found that it’s the very same folks. We have videos. We have them self-identifying and manipulating the data. We have people like Steve Bannon using words like ‘editorial creativity,’ and we have specific instances of fabrication and manipulation of the data.

He went on to explain that Congress should know that whatever data is in the public domain “has no relation to any forensic copy attached to a Hunter Biden laptop. And it looks like, to us, that most of the data is curated. It’s almost like a mixtape of multiple data sources that’s gone through the hands of 30 or 40 people.”

If Riggleman is correct, then perhaps Hunter Biden hasn’t committed the “crime of the century” but has been the victim of others manipulating things to make it look like he has. What we already know is that Bill Barr’s DOJ during the Trump administration investigated everything they could about Hunter Biden and the infamous laptop. Just this year, what was supposed to be the “bombshell” of the “Crime of the century” ended up being some routine tax violations and discrepancies, which Hunter Biden and the government worked out reasonable terms to remedy. Beyond that, most know about his struggles with substance abuse and otherr “character flaws” that might be uncouth, but not necessarily criminal.

On the other side of the coin, Giuliani and James Comer have been all too eager to drop bombs on right wing media only to have those claims debunked or walked back in short order.

Earlier this year, Giuliani claimed to have a “whistleblower” who had all the proof on “The Biden Crime Family” that anyone would need. Comer echoed his announcement, but when asked for any proof, Comer 1st claimed that they literally “lost” the valuable witness. A short time later, predictably, Giuliani announced that the whistleblower was dead … and implied it was a mafia-style “hit” done by, yeah, you guessed it … “The Biden Crime Family.”

It is unlikely Denver Riggleman will be backing off of his claims as he seems to be intending to take them into a court of law where he will try to prove his case.

Check out the full CNN interview with Denver Riggleman below …