In their quest to ostracize anyone who is an “other” (meaning other than a straight white Christian), the latest attacks from the radical far right wing of the political spectrum went up a level this week when a Michigan hairdresser told her non-binary customers to seek the services of a pet groomer.

Where that might come as a shock to some, the message follows a pattern that has come from radical right wingers and those who call themselves “conservative” for quite some time. But more on that later.

Christine Geiger, the owner of Studio 8 Hair Lab in Traverse City, Michigan, posted on Facebook that those who don’t identify as he or her aren’t welcome, according to the Kansas City Star.

“If a human identifies as anything other than a man/woman, please seek services at a local pet groomer,” she posted.

“You are not welcome at this salon. Period.”

The business’ Instagram profile says it “does not cater to woke ideologies,” the Star reported.

Apparently, the comments were made after a SCOTUS ruling that a web designer who didn’t want to do work for same sex couples would be shielded from such things by their ruling.

Geiger’s victory lap lasted only a few days as the Facebook page has been deleted as of Tuesday.

But before cowering back into the shadows, Geiger made another phobic comment in a Facebook group on Sunday.

“This stance was taken to insure that clients have the best experience, and I am admitting that since I am not willing to play the pronoun game or cater to requests outside of what I perceive as normal,” Geiger said on a community Facebook group called Overheard in Traverse City on Sunday.

What Geiger did, and what others in that demographic always seek to do is dehumanize those “others.” Racists and bigoted folk have done it with black people, calling them monkeys, among other things like the infamous “n” word. Arabs are often called sand n****** by bigots when they aren’t around. Latinos and other racial groups get similar names attached to them by the bigots. Then it extends to gay people and now trans and non-binary people.

The key word in all that is that they are people. Not the slurs bigots want to assign them. They are not pets or any kind of animal. They are people. But as long as the Christine Geigers of the world keep feeding the hate with her own words and actions, it will be a long time before everyone gets to just be a person without additional slurs or dehumanizing labels.