Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has been the victorious candidate in three state primary races so far, but Medicare for All is the real winner.

Many of the Democratic candidates in this race for the 2020 Democratic nomination have not been supportive of Medicare for All, only offering middle of the road solutions such as a public option that falls far short of the change this country needs and wants.

The United States is the only developed nation to not have a universal healthcare system, depriving Americans of affordable and accessible medical care.

Sanders is one of the only candidates who has stuck to his guns on Medicare for All and has a plan to implement it.

Republicans have been insisting that universal healthcare is “socialist” and is waning in popularity. But according to the entrance polls in Iowa, New Hampshire, and Nevada, a majority of voters not only support it, their support for the program’s expansion appears to be tied to Sanders’ victories, as NBC News reporter Sahil Kapur.

So, Democratic candidates who have backed away from Medicare for All are not doing very well overall, while Sanders is winning big, most recently by a landslide in Nevada on Saturday night.

Even former health insurance executive Wendell Potter noticed that it is a winning policy for Democrats at the polls.

If Democrats want to beat President Donald Trump in November, they need to consider embracing Medicare for All. Trump and the GOP are hellbent on stripping healthcare from the people. Trump is even cutting Medicare in his budget. Democrats must stand for something that separates themselves from Trump at the very least. For most Americans, right now, it’s gotta be Medicare for All.

John Oliver recently did what many are considering one of the best breakdowns of the pros and cons of Medicare for All. Check it out below:


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