After double-digit losses in the states of Arizona, Florida, and Illinois on Tuesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) will “assess” his campaign and its viability moving forward, according to his campaign manager, Faiz Shakir.

Shakir issued a statement Wednesday morning regarding the future of Sanders and his race for the 2020 Democratic nomination. The statement reads:

“The next primary contest is at least three weeks away. Sen. Sanders is going to be having conversations with supporters to assess his campaign. In the immediate term, however, he is focused on the government response to the coronavirus outbreak and ensuring that we take care of working people and the most vulnerable.”

Results from the most recent primary contests suggest that Sanders cannot possibly catch up to former Vice President Joe Biden, who won decisive victories Tuesday and now holds a commanding delegate lead, the Washington Post notes:

“With Biden widening his delegate lead, Sanders is facing growing calls to suspend his campaign. And with more states postponing their primaries due to health concerns, the candidates are facing a hiatus in voting for at least a few weeks — and possibly much longer. The final primaries now could come only weeks before the Democratic National Convention is scheduled to convene in July in Milwaukee — if it is held as planned.”

At the current time, Biden has 971 delegates. Sanders trails with 737. 1,991 delegates are needed to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

The three states that voted Tuesday showed the overwhelming support Biden is receiving across all sectors of the Democratic electorate:

  • Arizona: Biden leads Sanders 42 to 20 percent
  • Florida: Biden leads Sanders 61 to 22 percent
  • Illinois: Biden leads 59 to 35 percent

Biden spoke late Tuesday evening when it was clear he would win all three states, remarking:

“Sen. Sanders and his supporters have brought a remarkable passion and tenacity to all of these issues. Together they have shifted the fundamental conversation in this country. So let me say, especially to the young voters who have been inspired by Sen. Sanders, I hear you. I know what’s at stake. I know what we have to do.”

Featured Image Via NBC News