A prominent conservative commentator, Matt Lewis, is warning that President Donald Trump proved Monday with his words and actions that he intends to try and touch off a second civil war in a desperate attempt to salvage his chances of reelection.

Writing for The Daily Beast, Lewis noted that Trump’s decision to have protesters near the White House tear gassed so he could walk to a local church for a photo-op while he held up a Bible is proof that the president is only interested in stoking the fires of division and hatred:

“Donald Trump proved one thing in the Rose Garden Monday night. He doesn’t want to bring people together. He doesn’t want peace. He wants to divide and incite. He wants to roil and anger. And we can’t keep letting him put America through this turmoil. Trump’s words and actions on Monday night will fan the flames of anger and incite more violence. This is not an accidental byproduct. It’s the goal.”

Even worse, Lewis goes on to add, are Trump’s attempts to fan the flames of hatred and violence in an attempt to set Americans against one another:

“We’re inching toward civil war land. Trump is trying to divide us between liberal and conservative, between rural and urban, between white and black, and between those who want to end police abuse and those who want to end rioting and lawlessness.”

Lewis ends his piece by saying that Trump’s standing before a church with a Bible was an attempt to weaponize Christianity and should offend any person of faith:

“In short, he desecrated the very symbols of the faith in order to co-opt them for political purposes. And for what amounted to a publicity stunt, he also put the lives of protesters, police, and journalists at stake. I suspect devout Christians will be morally repulsed by the imagery, while those who view Christianity as part of their cultural identity will applaud.”

The current resident of the White House is a deranged and desperate man. As he has shown over the past four years, he is capable of the most vile and disgusting actions imaginable. We have a duty as citizens to remove him via the ballot box in November.

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