According to White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham, anyone who dares to opposes President Donald Trump deserves to be labeled as “human scum.”

Grisham — who has yet to hold a single press briefing since taking the job of press secretary — was a guest on Fox News Thursday and was asked about this tweet that Trump sent out a day ago:

That led Fox host Brian Kilmeade to ask:

“The president, yesterday, called the Never Trumpers scum. Does he regret that?”

Grisham didn’t hesitate before responding:

“No, no, he shouldn’t. The people who are against him, and who have been against him, and have been working against him since the day they took office are just that.”

Using that same logic, anyone who opposed President Obama would also be human scum. And that means that Donald Trump himself — who actively worked to keep the birther lie in circulation — is also a scum. Then again, we already knew that.

But Grisham was far from finished, adding:

“It is horrible that people are working against a president who’s delivering results for this country and has been since day one. And the fact that people continue to try to negate anything he is doing and take away from the good work he is doing on behalf of the American people, they deserve strong language like that.”

No, no, NO! Dissent is the one of the most American things imaginable. The Founding Fathers were the ultimate dissenters, willing to go to war with King George in order to obtain their freedom in a new land.

Stephanie Grisham, much like the man she serves, is trying to turn the basic foundations of our democracy on its head and deny those who oppose this administration the right to speak out.

If King Donald wants to be a monarch, he can go buy an deserted island be one there. Otherwise, he can be a man and take the criticism that comes with the office he holds.

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