President Donald Trump’s longest-serving mouthpiece Kellyanne Conway spent an entire interview on CBS Sunday flailing desperately in defense of President Donald Trump against impeachment, even using Russian propaganda.

Thus far, the impeachment inquiry in the House has been devastating to Trump as public testimony has revealed multiple impeachable offenses committed by Trump when he withheld military aid from Ukraine and demanded an investigation against former Vice-President Joe Biden in exchange so he could have dirt to use against him in 2020 should he become the Democratic nominee.

In his own testimony, Ambassador Gordon Sondland told the committee that Trump sought a quid-pro-quo.

Conway, of course, denied it.

“Sondland, in his prepared remarks, saying he thought there was a quid pro quo for a meeting,” Conway whined. “They had the meeting on September 22 in New York and also the aid went to Ukraine earlier than that.”

The problem is that Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky never did get the meeting and military aide was only released after the whistleblower came forward. Host Margaret Brennan did her audience a great disservice by not fact-checking Conway’s claims.

Conway then complained about the Russia investigation and claimed that the probe found nothing even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller listed ten instances of obstruction of justice Trump committed.

“And we’ve already spent two and a half years and 35 million taxpayer dollars for a Mueller report that was produced in March, was a big bomb,” she claimed. “Mueller testimony in July, a bigger bomb. And if we’re going to go back to that, I think it exposes what didn’t happen on Capitol Hill this week.”

Again, the Mueller report very clearly listed Trump’s obstruction crimes.

Not finished lying to the public yet, Conway continued by repeating Trump’s insistence that there was nothing wrong with his phone call to Zelensky.

“The July 25th call, the call that the whole world has had access to, the president clearly lays out what’s on his mind,” she said. “It’s the day after Mueller testifies and then the president looks at it as his turn. He wants to get to the bottom of what happened in 2016. And certainly, to avoid that in the future, look, we have done a great deal in our White House… to secure our elections.”

That’s not what happened. Trump dangled military aide Ukraine desperately needs to defend itself against Russian aggression and asked Zelensky to do him “a favor” by investigating Biden to get dirt on him.

That’s illegal because asking a foreign national or leader to interfere in an election is a violation of the law.

Still not done, Conway attacked the press and accused them of interfering with the 2016 Election.

“But I also don’t want the impeachment process, I don’t want members of the mainstream media — which don’t include you — to interfere in the 2020 election the way they tried in the 2016 election,” she said. “That’s a different kind of interference and that’s dangerous too.”

In the end, she claimed America does not support impeachment.

“These Democrats who are in charge of the hearings don’t represent the swing districts,” she concluded. “They have to look at the polls and say, ‘There’s no appetite to impeach and remove this president.’”

First of all, the polls show that a majority of Americans have supported impeachment since the end of September. Furthermore, she should go home and ask her husband about Americans’ appetite for impeachment, because he certainly supports it in her own household.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

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