Fox News host Chris Wallace called out Trump campaign surrogate Lara Trump on his Sunday show when she tried to lie about the Trump family not wearing masks at the first debate, which was held on September 29 in Cleveland.

Wallace began his interview with the president’s daughter-in-law by asking about the White House Rose Garden ceremony which was held to announce the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“People were packed in, almost no masks and Dr. Fauci has said that event was a super spreader. Why did it take the president getting COVID for the White House to take the CDC safety guidelines more seriously, although even yesterday they were still violating some?”

Mrs. Trump asserted that “most if not all” of the people who were in attendance that day had been tested, and then she tried to pivot and blame the social justice protests that have taken place across the country for spreading COVID-19

“And you never hear, Chris, on the other side of the coin the fact that we have had in this country since really the height of the COVID days these demonstrations across America. But you never hear any concern after these things about those being super-spreader events. I have yet to hear one doctor say anything about them.

“It doesn’t seem like coronavirus would have a political agenda but oftentimes is feels like it does. The White House has always followed guidelines.”


“I take your point about the protests. But that doesn’t make what happened at the White House — which Tony Fauci says was a super spreader — at least eight people at that event later came down with the virus, including the president and the first lady.”

The Fox host also pointed out that the entire Trump family had taken off their masks at the first presidential debate:

“You all took them off. Did you think, Lara, that the rules that applied to everybody else in that hall didn’t apply to you?”

Lara responded:

“Well, of course we didn’t think that! I want to be very clear. Never one time did anyone from Cleveland Clinic come up and ask any member of our family to put a mask on. So that is totally false.”

That’s when Wallace shredded Trump by using basic facts:

“Everybody in that hall had tested negative. And the fact is, the rules were everybody except for the president, the vice president and I were supposed to wear masks and it was the pool report — I’m not just making this up — the pool report says a member of the Cleveland Clinic — in fact, there’s video that exists — coming up to someone in the presidential party and saying would you like masks, and they were waved away.”

As usual, the Trumps don’t believe the rules apply to them. They consider themselves to be beyond the rules, the law, and what’s best for the country. It’s all about them. What a joy it will be to get them out of the White House and charge them with the many crimes it’s alleged they’ve committed.

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