President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka attempted to observe Juneteenth on Friday, only for Twitter users to tell her to shove it because of her dad’s racism.

Trump had tried to hijack Juneteenth by scheduling his Tulsa rally for that day. Tulsa is also the site of a massacre in 1921 when a white mob killed black people and burned down their homes and businesses. Under pressure, Trump was forced to reschedule the rally for Saturday, but has since tried to claim credit for making the over 150-year-old holiday “very famous.”

In another tone-deaf and racist move, Trump also scheduled his acceptance of the Republican nomination to occur in Jacksonville on the anniversary of Ax Handle Saturday, another infamous day in which racists committed violence against black people in this country.

Of course, Ivanka pretended to care about Juneteenth.

But Twitter users responded by calling out her and her dad’s hypocrisy.

Ivanka and her dad are con artists and racists who think they can fool black people into believing that they care about them and their fight for justice in this country. Clearly, it’s not working because Trump is losing by a landslide among black voters. So, he and his daughter can take their racism and fake sentiment and stick it.

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