A poll from Fox News (aka Trump TV) has some very bad news for President Donald Trump in key battleground states such as Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin, all three of which are essential if Trump hopes to win a second term in office.

Of special concern to the Trump 2020 campaign will likely be the large margins the president is behind to Democratic front-runner Joe Biden.

Here’s the numbers from Nevada, which is seen as a must-win state for the incumbent:

On average, Trump loses by 3.7 percentage points to all of the leading Democratic candidates in Nevada.

The results in Wisconsin are even worse news for the Trump campaign, where the president is shown losing to Biden by five points. In 2016, Trump managed to squeak out a win in the state by less than one percent of the total vote.

And then there’s the big prize of Michigan, which has 16 electoral votes. In the poll for Michigan, Biden holds a massive seven point lead over Trump.

All of this suggests that despite a relatively strong economy, voters are tired of Trump and may be ready to vote for someone (anyone!) except the president. While the folks at Fox News may try to label that as “Trump derangement syndrome,” it would be more accurate to call it what it actually is: Trump fatigue. Americans are sick of the endless drama, insults, boneheaded foreign policy, and lack of focus on the part of the current head of state.

Granted, it’s ten months until the general election, but the early results of polls show that Trump may well be the weakest incumbent in recent memory.

Featured Image Via Fox News