Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is pulling every stunt possible in his desperate effort to rig the impeachment trial in favor of President Donald Trump and to keep the American people shut out, resulting in him being called out several times on Sunday.

Last week, McConnell announced that the trial would follow the standard set by the impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton, which included witness testimony and was covered extensively by the press as a captivated American public watched the proceedings unfold.

But now McConnell is even ignoring the standard he set by limiting how much time House managers have to present their case and hurrying the trial along toward a quick acquittal or dismissal without witnesses being called. He has even restricted media coverage of the trial, effectively preventing the American people from seeing the circus Republicans are orchestrating.

In response, CNN national security analyst Susan Hennessey ripped him a new one.

“Look, Mitch McConnell has gone all in on the notion that this is going to be the same as the Clinton impeachment, that that was sort of the standard of fairness here,” she said. “This fails pretty plainly by McConnell’s own standard, forcing the presentation of the House managers’ case in 12 marathon hours that are going to stretch well into the middle of the night.”

It’s pretty safe to say that Americans are probably not going to stay up late to watch the trial, which is apparently what McConnell is counting on. But Hennessey warned McConnell that his scheme will likely backfire.

“The American people are going to understand exactly what is going on here, which is that Mitch McConnell is hoping to exhaust the House managers, to exhaust the Senate, such that whenever it actually gets to the point that they have the choice to maybe call witnesses, there are going to be incentives against that,” she continued. “He’s also racing against other witnesses and other information that might come out.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Indeed, just the information revealed by Lev Parnas alone should be enough to bury Trump and his supporters who were part of the Ukraine extortion scandal.

Even longtime conservative Bill Kristol warned the American people that McConnell is corrupting the impeachment process and disgracing the Senate.

“Americans should be worried about the state of American politics when they see such corruption from some of our political leaders,” he wrote in a new column. “They should be concerned by this demonstration of how much the corruption of Trump and Trumpism has infected major American institutions, now including the Senate—which is, by design, the most important institutional check against presidential abuses of power.”

“Right now, an overwhelming percentage of the majority party in the U.S. Senate isn’t falling short—it’s not even trying,” he concluded.

The problem for McConnell and Senate Republicans is that the American people are paying attention and a majority not only support the trial, they want witnesses and think Trump should be removed from office. If Republicans insist upon continuing to rig it, the cover-up is being televised and they could pay a high price for it in November.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot