Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has been given a new nickname in light of his efforts to keep most of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump hidden from the public.

McConnell, who was dubbed “Moscow Mitch” last year for getting sanctions removed from a powerful Russian oligarch, is now being slammed as “Midnight Mitch.”

The new nickname is in reference to McConnell’s announcement Monday evening that both sides in the Senate impeachment trial would have 24 hours to present their cases, but that those 24 hours would only be over two days, meaning much of the trial will be late at night and therefore out of sight to the majority of the American public.

Twitter erupted with anger and disgust for McConnell’s attempt to hide the facts and benefit Trump:

Midnight Mitch is indeed a fitting nickname for Senator McConnell.

Featured Image Via NBC News