If you’ve been wondering why disgraced former President Donald Trump has been flying around in a tiny corporate jet, it’s because his gold-plated private Boeing 757 is currently parked at a New York airport in a state of disrepair.

Trump is apparently missing Air Force One, which flew him to Palm Beach on the morning of Inauguration Day when he left Washington DC to little fanfare so he wouldn’t have to ask President Joe Biden for permission to use it for his exit.

But he couldn’t keep the plane, and now he doesn’t have his old private plane either.

According to CNN:

One engine is missing parts. The other is shrink-wrapped in plastic. The cost to fix and get it flyable could reach well into the high six-figures, a price-tag Trump doesn’t appear to be dealing with right now. Though the current state of his finances aren’t public, the Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the hospitality industry home to so many of his businesses. Flight records accessed by CNN show the 757 hasn’t been flown at all since Inauguration Day, when Trump’s use of Air Force One ended, leaving him to less showy modes of transport.

That’s humiliating for an egotistic narcissist who like his name on everything. Trump’s Boeing 757 does have his name on it and he used it as a campaign tool in 2016. However, it now sits in a state of disrepair exposed to the elements in rather inhospitable weather at a new York airport in Orange County. The cost of getting the plane ready to fly again is estimated to be in the six figures, a price Trump is unwilling to pay, and he doesn’t appear able to afford a new similar model.

Combined with his Mar-a-Lago resort having to once again shutter due to an outbreak of the coronavirus and his legal troubles, Americans had plenty to mock.

The plane is worth around $20 million, but likely has few buyers since it needs significant repairs and is three decades old. Not exactly good news for Trump since he is massively in debt and faces the crumbling of his business empire in the wake of the Capitol insurrection and multiple investigations.

Trump’s Boeing 757 is, indeed, a symbol of his past wealth, but now it’s a symbol of his downfall and legacy as a failure.

Featured Image: Wikimedia