A new poll from President Donald Trump’s favorite network, Fox News, has some very bad news for the the incumbent, who is facing an uncertain reelection later this year: 50 percent of American voters want the U.S. Senate to find Trump guilty and boot him from the White House.

Even though he gets relatively high ratings on the economy, Trump is underwater in every other category, Fox reports:

“The poll, released Sunday, finds 55 percent give the economy positive ratings (excellent or good).  It’s been 19 years since this many felt as positively (59 percent in January 2001).”

But despite that ray of sunshine for the president, 55 percent of those surveyed also said the way the U.S. economy works is unfair to most Americans. And 56 percent say they’re unsatisfied with the direction of the country. 43 percent say the country is on the right track.

The most disturbing number for the White House can be found when the question was asked if the Senate should convict and remove Trump from office. 50 percent favor such an outcome. 44 percent say the Senate should exonerate the president and keep him office.

When President Bill Clinton was facing impeachment, the numbers were strongly in favor of exoneration:

“For comparison, around the time former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment trial began in January 1999, some 38 percent said the Senate should remove him from office, and 65 percent approved of the job he was doing as president.”

All of this should must be especially galling to Trump, who has long touted good economic news and a strong stock market in an effort to use those benchmarks as the foundation for his bid to win a second term in office. Instead, voters seem to be saying that character and personality matter more than trade deals and the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

Some other results from the Fox poll also have bad news for the president:

“Forty-five percent feel confident in Trump’s judgment in a crisis.  That’s down from a high of 50 percent at the beginning of his term (February 2017).  Fifty-two percent lack confidence, including 42 percent who are ‘not at all confident.’

“On Trump’s handling of relations with Iran, 27 percent think he has made the U.S. safer, while far more, 48 percent, say less safe.  About one in five say no difference (19 percent).”

Though it seems highly unlikely that the GOP-controlled Senate will heed the will of the voters and remove Trump from office, it’s clear this president isn’t nearly as popular as he thinks he is.

Featured Image Via NBC News