Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski drew cheers from an Iowa crowd on Monday as she torched Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) and her fellow GOP colleagues for being nothing more than “useful idiots” to President Donald Trump.

Over the weekend, Ernst followed up her party’s vote to rig the impeachment trial for Trump by barring witness testimony with a vow to impeach former Vice President Joe Biden should he win the 2020 Election in retaliation against House Democrats for impeaching Trump.

“This door of impeachable whatever has been opened,” she claimed. “We can have a situation where if it should ever be President Biden, that immediately, people, right the day after he would be elected would be saying, ‘Well, we’re going to impeach him.'”

Her remark comes after Republicans spent months falsely accusing Democrats of using impeachment as a political weapon, but here she is literally threatening to actually use it that way.

Republicans have also been clumsily defending their vote against witnesses by acknowledging Trump committed wrongdoing by trying to extort Ukraine and excusing it by claiming he won’t do it again, which is how retiring Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) tried to justify his cowardice.

Brzezinski, whose father served during the Carter administration, did not hold back as she hammered them.

“You know, the president does have a lot of latitude when surrounded by a bunch of useful idiots who will say anything — anything — to defend him,” Brzezinski said. “So pathetic, it’s really hard to watch. Is that going to be Lamar Alexander’s legacy? Really? Leaving the Senate? Really, thanks for not saving the democracy — good on ya.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

The Iowa crowd applauded Brzezinski, which should concern Ernst considering she is facing a difficult re-election campaign in the state, where she has low approval ratings and is considered one of the least popular Republicans in the country right now. Ernst may be proud of being a useful idiot to Trump, but a useful idiot is not what Iowa sent her to Washington to be.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot