As President Donald Trump and his sycophants continue disparaging the character of Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman, retired Brigadier General Peter Zwack jumped to his defense on Monday by taking aim at Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Graham constantly declares his support of the military, yet he has turned his back on Vindman, a Purple Heart recipient, because he courageously testified against Trump during House impeachment hearings in his capacity as the National Security Council director for European affairs with a focus on Ukraine.

So, if anyone could testify on the corruption of Trump’s July 25th phone call with Ukraine in which he asked for a “favor” in an effort to force Ukraine into targeting his political rival, it’s Vindman.

Rather than believe Vindman, however, Republicans have engaged in character assassination all while acquitting Trump in what many call a rigged impeachment trial. And now they are watching gleefully as Trump retaliates against impeachment witnesses.

On Friday, Trump fired Vindman from the National Security Council and Graham continued insulting him on Sunday while making his rounds on the media circuit.

Zwack, who served in Afghanistan and worked closely with Vindman in Moscow for two years, could no longer stand by and let these attacks go unanswered.

“He wears the uniform proudly and he’s uncertain of that future as well,” Zwack told CNN before expressing his disgust at how his friend has been treated. “I think that seniors at a very, very high level should not dump that way publicly by statement or the God-gun of a tweet, in demeaning his personality. And the other thing that offends me greatly is so many other people have piled in that don’t even know him.”

Indeed, instead of considering his testimony with care, right-wingers immediately dismissed Vindman as being a member of the “deep state” who has some kind of personal vendetta against Trump.

“I guess that makes me a card-carrying member of the deep state,” Zwack said before directly addressing Graham himself.

“This is ridiculous, okay? Senator Graham, I’ve always had a lot of respect for you. I met you when you was in Afghanistan in 2008, when you arrived with Senator McCain and Joe Lieberman as part of the three amigos. We thought you guys were rockstars. Where are you now, sir?”

Here’s the video via Twitter:

If Graham really respected our men and women in uniform, he would not have attacked Vindman, he would have listened to him and taken his testimony about Trump’s abuse of power seriously.

Featured Image: Twitter screenshot