President Donald Trump is frantically insisting that he took the coronavirus pandemic “seriously” from the beginning, only to be countered by Twitter with his own words and lack of actions.

Make no mistake, Trump has responded poorly to this outbreak from the beginning. Not only did he dismantle the nation’s infrastructure that kept us prepared for a potential pandemic, he failed to listen to outgoing Obama administration officials who tried to prep his team to handle a pandemic from Asia.

And then once the coronavirus arrived, he denied that it even existed, calling it a “hoax” and telling his supporters not to take it seriously.

Now over 6,500 hundred cases are being reported in the United States and the death toll has climbed past 100. Trump’s poor response also included not getting the medical community supplies it needs such as tests, masks and ventilators. So, it stands to reason that far more people could be infected than what it being reported.

Despite his repeated failures, Trump refuses to take responsibility, even going so far as to blame China for the virus by calling it the “Chinese virus”, a racist dog-whistle that will likely increase prejudice and bigotry against Asian people.

Trump is also pretending that he always took the pandemic seriously.

Twitter users were not amused, and took Trump to the woodshed for his racism and lies.

This pandemic is Trump’s greatest blunder. He thought he could just tweet the virus away instead of listening to scientists and taking action when he had every opportunity to get ahead of the crisis. Now Americans are dying and he is refusing to take responsibility. That’s not leadership. That’s cowardice.

And the coronavirus could sink his presidency.

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