President Donald Trump tried to pander to veterans and active-duty troops on Thursday by issuing a tweet marking National Former Prisoner Of War Recognition Day. And the late-Senator John McCain’s daughter Meghan McCain was having none of it.

As you may recall, Trump once questioned John McCain’s status as a war hero because he was captured during the Vietnam War and subjected to brutal torture.

“I like people who weren’t captured,” Trump said while running for president, even though he never fought for our country himself, preferring to dodge the draft five times to avoid service during the conflict.

Trump also repeatedly attacked McCain as he fought brain cancer and has continued attacking McCain’s ghost since his death.

Yet, he posted the below tweet on Thursday as his poll numbers continue to worsen.

And Meghan McCain quickly fired back to remind everyone how Trump treated her dad.

Other Twitter users piled on.

Even now, Trump’s attacks are coming back to bite him on the a**. If he really appreciated the service and sacrifice of former prisoners of war, he would have apologized to the McCain family years ago.

Featured Image: YouTube screenshot