President Donald Trump continued to tout anti-malarial drug chloroquine as a coronavirus treatment on Monday by claiming that he has been taking it himself.

There are documented deaths of people who have taken hydroxychloroquine after listening to Trump promoting the drug. Multiple studies have shown that it’s dangerous and actually does little to nothing to benefit coronavirus patients.

Trump has not been promoting the drug lately, but returned to doing so while speaking to reporters at the White House.

“I happen to be taking it right now,” Trump declared without offering confirmation that the White House physician was actually stupid enough to prescribe the medication.

Trump then claimed letters from people urging him to take the drug caused him to do so, and that he did it so Americans can feel more confident about taking it themselves.

Again, studies show that chloroquine is not an effective treatment for coronavirus and can result in fatal heart problems. So when Trump asked “what do you have to lose?” the answer is your life.

Trump’s announcement even shocked Fox News host Neil Cavuto, who had to issue a warning to viewers not to take the drug because it can kill them.

Likely, this is yet another ploy to fool Americans into demanding chloroquine so Trump can enrich himself since he is invested in a company that makes the drug. Although some claim his investment is so small it wouldn’t do him much good to promote the drug. The other side of that coin suggests that since no one has seen Trump’s tax returns that his investments could be potentially larger. Trump’s skeptics might point out that since Trump has been deceptive on so many other fronts, his brief “financial disclosure form” might not tell the whole story there.

This morning, Joe Scarborough called out Trump’s claim and suggested he isn’t actually taking the drug. Furthermore, his bogus claim, according to Scarborough, takes things to a whole new level of Trump’s responsibility if anyone should take his advice and take the drug as a preventative measure.

Check out that clip below:

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