More than 90,000 Americans have died during this pandemic, yet President Donald Trump childishly attacked Senator Mitt Romney (R-Utah) on Monday by taunting him for not winning the 2012 Election.

Romney, as we all know, cast the lone Republican vote to convict and remove Trump from office at the close of the Senate impeachment trial.

Recently, Romney has criticized Trump’s reckless response to the coronavirus pandemic and slammed Trump for firing the State Department inspector general.

“The firings of multiple Inspectors General is unprecedented; doing so without good cause chills the independence essential to their purpose,” Romney wrote. “It is a threat to accountable democracy and a fissure in the constitutional balance of power.”

Romney is right, so Trump lashed out at him.

The reality is that Romney lost to Obama in 2012 and I don’t remember Trump having the balls to run for the Republican nomination that year to challenge him. And if he had, Obama may have wiped the floor with him because both of Obama’s electoral victories were bigger than Trump’s in 2016 and Obama won the popular vote twice.

But this attack on Romney is not only cowardly, but it’s also petty, especially during a pandemic as Americans across the country are dying.

Twitter users handed Trump his a**.

Mitt Romney lost the election but at least he maintained his dignity and has integrity. Trump can’t even win with dignity and integrity is a foreign concept to him. That’s makes him the real loser.

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