In response to President Donald Trump threatening to unleash the military against American citizens protesting police brutality and racial injustice, Rep. Seth Moulton called for our troops to defy any such order and lay down their arms.

Moulton is a war hero who served as a Marine in the Iraq War. He has been awarded the Bronze Star and a Medal of Valor. So when he makes a statement about the military, the men and women in uniform should listen.

On Monday, Trump threatened to use the military against Americans citizens to suppress protests across the country by use of force that could maim or kill.

Moulton rejected that threat and called upon the military to refuse any such orders from Trump.

If the military were to defy Trump’s orders, he would be finished as commander-in-chief. The military would be attacking American citizens and there is simply no place for that here. Trump is treating peaceful protesters like enemy combatants. The military should not. They can either listen to Moulton, who wore the same uniform they do and risked his life the same as them for their country, or they can listen to a five-time draft dodger. It’s their choice. And they better make the right one because the continued support by the American people depends on it.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons