Former GOP strategist Steve Schmidt mocked President Donald Trump’s Tulsa rally on Saturday night after it became clear that there was nowhere near one million people in attendance.

In fact, Trump spoke to a nearly empty stadium and had to cancel his speech to the overflow crowd outside because there was no crowd at all.

This humiliation came after weeks of Trump and his campaign hyping the rally as a major event that would prove how popular Trump is and kick off his 2020 re-election campaign.

Trump had been forced to move the rally to Saturday night after having previously scheduled it on Juneteenth in a city where white terrorists massacred black people and destroyed their community back in 1921.

But when Trump arrived, the scene must have been disappointing when he discovered that only a few thousand had shown up.

Indeed, most of the 19,000 seats in the stadium were empty and there was no one outside. Officials estimated the hall to only be one-third full at around 6.200 attendees.

Apparently, Trump’s rally was trolled by America’s teenagers who reserved hundreds of tickets to make it look like there would be a bigger crowd than there actually was.

Steve Schmidt hilariously explained what happened on Twitter and mocked Trump.

He continued mocking Trump during an appearance on MSNBC.

“The teenagers of America, I think, dealt a savage blow to Donald Trump’s re-election tonight and fooled the Trump campaign into believing that there were a million people that actually wanted to come to this spectacle, when, in fact, there were about 9,000 who risked their health and their lives, and maybe the lives of their family members, to go see who the hell knows what tonight,” Schmidt said.

Here’s the video:

As a matter of fact, only around 6,200 people showed up to the rally. And that’s in a deep red state that voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016. Furthermore, the “overflow” locations were empty which demonstrated that there weren’t thousands of people wanting to get into the rally. There seems to be no other way to judge Trump’s Tulsa rally as being anything but a failure — even without the teenager’s efforts.

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