This isn’t a bunch of “liberals.” This isn’t the “media.” This is a group of former military and intelligence officials many of whom supported Trump’s election in 2016 but simply cannot anymore. They tried to remain “apolitical” but simply cannot anymore.

The group of former military and intelligence officials have united under the banner of The Council on American Security. Their mission? To defeat Donald Trump in 2020. According to the group of patriotic military and intelligence officials, Trump has totally betrayed his oath of office when it comes to the military and our allies on just about every level.

The group’s co-founder, Greg Keeley, a former Navy commander, explained why this is so important and what led him and the group to take this stance on Morning Joe today.

Keeley explained to host Mika Brzezinski that for him, it was how Trump betrayed America and our allies, the Kurds in Syria. Keeley reminded her and the audience about how Trump, after a call with Turkey’s strongarm leader abandoned the Kurds literally overnight after they had been good and loyal allies since the beginning of The Iraq War. they fought the good fight alongside us and Trump threw them overboard without any cause or reason. Keeley had personal relationships with Kurd fighters and knows better than anyone the sacrifices they made for us, and their loyalty to us. A loyalty that Trump basically spat on and bowed to the will of Turkey’s desire to crush them and take their land.  Keeley says Trump effectively signed their death warrant and many of them were slaughtered, including women and children.

Keeley also pointed out other ‘tipping points” for him and other members. Things like Trump using the military to violently clear protesters, including clergy members from an area around a church near the White House so Trump could have a frivolous photo op. He also pointed out how Trump had “ambushed” our Joint Chief’s Chairman, abandoning NATO, using West Point grads for his own political purposes, how he’s interfered with the military justice and pardoning a war criminal that his own shipmates called a “maniac.”

Keeley said there was much more, but essentially for many, it wasn’t one thing but a cumulative effect.

Trump’s numbers continue to decline for a host of reasons. His handling of the pandemic, his seeming ignorance and disdain to adhere to the Constitution, his thousands of instances of lying, and other factors. One thing is for certain as we move closer to the 2020 election, it isn’t just Democrats, liberals, and the media who are standing against Trump, as certain right-wing groups and people would like the American people to believe. It is growing numbers of Americans and patriots who at one time tried to “give him a chance” and have learned that giving him that chance was an awful mistake for the nation.

Check out the full interview with Greg Keeley below:

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