While she absolutely loves to troll others online and even show up at Democratic press events to try and be a disruption, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) went full snowflake during an appearance on a TV call-show hosted by a local station in her home state.

“Night Talk” is a call-in featured on UCTV in North Georgia. Things were going swimmingly as Greene fielded questions from co-host Judy O’Neal regarding the many scandals surrounding the congresswoman (remember Jewish space lasers starting fires in California? That was Greene.)

Callers also had questions for Greene, with most of them being a chance for voters in the district to wish her well.

But when the show went to commercial break and returned, Greene had vanished, leaving O’Neal to tell confused viewers:

“Well, we’re back without Marjorie Taylor Greene… she’s gone.

“We’ll take your calls and comments and whatever you have to say, but she left. She said she’d enjoyed my show and she’s through, and she got up and left. So, she’s outta here. Nothing I can do about that.”

What caused Greene to pull a Houdini? The station played a commercial for her Democratic opponent, Marcus Flowers, and when the show came back from that ad, Greene had bolted.

A spokesperson for the Georgia congresswoman, Nick Dyer, claimed Greene had only been scheduled for an hour and left when those 60 minutes expired, Newsweek reports.

However, Twitter users weren’t buying Dyer’s explanation.

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