Things are not going well at the White House.

From President Donald Trump’s falling poll numbers to his absurd tweets which raise serious questions about his mental fitness for office, the U.S. head of state is reportedly in a very glum mood these days, and at times has even been “inconsolable,” according to a report from The Washington Post:

“To some of his longtime advisers, the president has seemed tired, low-energy, and lacking the passion and energy that defined him when he was a candidate during the 2016 race. Aides noticed he largely read his script at Mount Rushmore and did not veer off the teleprompters for high-energy riffs like he usually does when delivering political speeches.”

So, in a desperate attempt to bring some cheer to Trump, aides decided they’d have truckers visit the White House much the same as they did in 2017 because getting behind the wheel of a big rig seemed to energize the president:

“White House advisers — including Hope Hicks and Dan Scavino — have also sought to buttress Trump’s mood with events they thought he would enjoy, such as celebrating truckers by bringing 18-wheelers onto the White House South Lawn in mid-April or creating social media videos that feature throngs of his adoring fans, according to aides.”

In other words, to pacify and bring a smile to the face of the three-year-old man-baby, his aides brought big toys for him to play with. You simply cannot make this stuff up!

At the moment, the country is in a crisis, with coronavirus cases spiking in 36 states, 40 million Americans unemployed, and millions on the verge of being evicted because they don’t have a paycheck to pay their rent. But our so-called “president” is too busy admiring trucks to deal with the problem. Oh, and he’s also pushing to send the nation’s children back to school in August as the COVID-19 death toll passes 136,000 and growing.

The time has come to send Donnie back to daycare and get a real man to do the job he refuses to do. If he wants to drive a truck, maybe he can go to technical school after he leaves office and realize that dream. As if he’d ever do a real day’s work!

Featured Image Via The White House