Vice President Mike Pence is so pathetic that he actually considers his wife Karen Pence an expert on school policy concerning the coronavirus pandemic as President Donald Trump demands that schools reopen in the Fall.

Reopening schools would create breeding grounds for the swift spread of the virus, which is already ravaging the country as a result of states reopening earlier than health experts recommended.

More than 130,000 Americans have died, including children. And because millions of children have an underlying condition, that puts them even more at risk of becoming infected and dying. Children who contract the virus could also pass it to their parents or grandparents.

It’s irresponsible to reopen schools until we have a vaccine, but Trump is continuing to push the issue, even going so far as to threaten schools with funding cuts if they don’t reopen. And Pence is defending him.

“You’re seeing the president provide leadership, and what we are providing for the White House coronavirus task force is partnership with the governors and the state health officials, because we’ve just got to get our kids back,” Pence said.

Rather than cite real experts, Pence went on to tout his wife as a expert just because she has been a teacher.

“I have to tell you, the best expert I know on this topic is my wife, Karen, and she spoke at the summit yesterday very compellingly about how a lot of our kids are hurting out there,” Pence said. “They’re struggling with loneliness, with social isolation. The American Academy of Pediatrics spoke about that, a very forceful statement from pediatricians across the country that said we got to get our kids back into school.”

Karen Pence is not a medical expert, so her experience doesn’t matter, especially since she’s biased in favor of whatever her husband thinks.

And while the AAP wants schools to reopen, AAP president Dr. Sally Goza told NPR that schools should not be forced to reopen where the virus is surging.

“[O]ur latest guidelines articulate that our main goal is for students to be physically present at school this fall,” she said. “But we also recognize that COVID-19 remains a very real, active threat to community health. And we really believe that decisions on when and how to reopen need to consider a variety of factors, but a big one is the level of virus in the community.”

So, Pence is reading far too much into the AAP position. However, he just continued praising Trump and doubled down on reopening schools.

“The president is going to continue to provide leadership,” Pence said. “I expect as the debate in Congress goes forward about additional resources we’re going look to build in incentives for states to go forward, but the president’s made it clear, and I think most parents in America would agree with him that we’ve got to got other kids back to school and back into the classroom, and we can do it in a safe and a responsible way.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

This administration could not even reopen states safely, and now we are recording tens of thousands of new cases of the virus every single day. There’s simply no way this administration will reopen schools responsibly and safely. Kids are going to end up getting sick. Some will die. And some will have to live with the guilt if they pass the virus to a parent or grandparent who dies. We can prevent these scenarios by keeping schools closed until we have a vaccine. But Trump and Pence refuse to listen.

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