QAnon Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) launched a ridiculously unfair attack on President Joe Biden this week blaming him for Texas’ electrical grid failures and for millions of people being left to freeze.

Never mind that Biden immediately signed an emergency declaration sending federal disaster aid to the state even though it did not vote for him in 2020, a courtesy former disgraced President Donald Trump refused to do for California in the wake of severe wildfires that swept the state during his presidency.

No, Boebert used the unfolding disaster in Texas to demonize Biden.

The problem is that Texas has an independent grid that is not connected to the national grid. In this way, the state was able to ignore federal regulations and privatize electricity. And that’s precisely why equipment and facilities failed and it’s why there are rolling blackouts. Texas Republicans failed to make sure the state’s energy infrastructure was properly winterized. That’s also why the few solar panels and wind mills in the state failed as well.

Texas Republicans are ultimately responsible for the disaster and should be held accountable.

It should also be pointed out that the White House not only utilizes natural gas for heating needs, it also uses solar panels for energy and continues to work toward energy conservation and efficiency. Washington DC is also on the eastern electrical grid, which is why it doesn’t suffer the kind of failures Texas is suffering right now. So yes, Biden and millions of Americans in the nation’s capital are quite toasty. Thanks for reminding Texas residents of how bad off they are right now, Lauren!

In response, Americans trashed her on Twitter:

Clearly, Boebert thinks her job is to attack Biden whether it’s warranted or not instead of working for her constituents in Congress. Because she certainly hasn’t lifted a finger to address wildfire devastation in her state.

The rest of the nation would love an answer to that question, too.

Featured Image: Wikimedia Commons