Fox host Bret Baier shared a photo of himself getting a COVID-19 vaccine to Instagram, and based on the reaction he received from viewers of the network and conservatives on social media, you’d have thought he’d just injected lighter fluid.


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And here’s some of the reaction Baier received for daring to share a photo of himself being vaccinated:

  • Reminds me of when celebrities and doctors endorsed cigarettes “it’s safe”
  • I am a medically trained professional, in both Western and holistic studies. My close friends include virologists and other medical professionals within those studies. I was going to actually point out that your use of the word “thousands” was actually incorrect, as it is more than thousands. So…I probably won’t be listening to you for exact nor factual stats. You are simply full of hot air. More than thousands have died…however, that in no way excuses the use of irresponsibly releasing multiple branded shots, which aren’t even true vaccines, onto the public and then withhold the truths/facts about them. They, the vaccines, are already causing deaths and added health problems…that is a fact which only the foolish ignore. I am for each adult to make their own minds up, with as many facts possible. I am against any push to support the shots by virtue signaling, as deaths are being caused by “the shots” too. Now…those are all facts. Ignore them if you choose. I will not ignore the facts.
  • Why ?!
  • It’s NOT a vaccine

Things got so raucous on Instagram that Baier later had to defend himself and clarify the reason he’d made the posting in the first place:

Ironically, other hosts on Baier’s network (most notably Tucker Carlson) are partially to blame for poisoning the minds of Fox news viewers when it comes to the importance and safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. So it’s only fitting that he’d have to face some major backlash for daring to do the responsible and logical thing to help control the disease.

Fox News isn’t news. And it certainly isn’t factual. It’s a three-ring circus filled with lies, deception, and conspiracy theories.

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