On Tuesday, former President Donald Trump unveiled his new social media platform, which is being mocked as little more than glorified blog, including a pathetic blog-like name for the site: From the Desk of Donald J. Trump.

As The New Civil Rights Movement points out, the new site is basically another way for Trump to engage in grift, begging for money from his supporters:

“The site is part of his main site, which is now designed as a money-making/fundraising enterprise. It allows one-way communication, with Trump posting words, images, or video, and then supporters can tweet them or post them to Facebook. The ‘like’ button does not currently work.”

Here’s one of the first posts Trump placed on the new site. It’s an attack on Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), who is on the verge of being ousted from the House Republican leadership ranks for daring to say that Trump lost the 2020 election fair and square to President Joe Biden:

“Heartwarming to read new polls on big-shot warmonger Liz Cheney of the great State of Wyoming. She is so low that her only chance would be if vast numbers of people run against her which, hopefully, won’t happen. They never liked her much, but I say she’ll never run in a Wyoming election again!”

That was all it took for real social media (i.e. Twitter users) to unleash a torrent of mockery aimed at the failed former president:

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