Four months into his presidency, Joe Biden’s approval rating among the American people has risen to a new high, due in large part to the way he and his administration have handled the coronavirus pandemic by rolling out vaccines and providing a financial stimulus that has helped boost the U.S. economy and sent the stock market to record levels.

According to the Associated Press (AP), their new AP-NORC poll shows that 63 percent of Americans surveyed say they approve of the job Biden is doing. 73 percent say they approve of how he’s handling the pandemic, including 47 percent of Republicans:

“The AP-NORC poll also shows an uptick in Americans’ overall optimism about the state of the country. Fifty-four percent say the country is on the right track, higher than at any point in AP-NORC polls conducted since 2017; 44% think the nation is on the wrong track.

“Those positive marks have fueled the Biden White House’s confidence coming out of the president’s first 100 days in office, a stretch in which he secured passage of a sweeping $1.9 trillion pandemic relief package and surged COVID-19 vaccines across the country. The U.S., which has suffered the most virus deaths of any nation, is now viewed enviably by much of the rest of the world for its speedy vaccination program and robust supplies of the shots.”

Biden’s COVID response plan has also decreased fear among Americans, with the level of concern over coronavirus at its lowest level since February of 2020. Half of Americans say they are concerned they or a relative will contract the virus, which is down from 70 percent just a month ago.

However, despite the high approval rating for Biden, top White House advisers know that the next phase of the Biden administration will be much more difficult to navigate, especially since Congressional Republicans are signaling they won’t agree to go along with any spending plans such as the $4 trillion package he’s proposing for infrastructure, education, and children.

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