In their desperate and obsessive scheme to sabotage President Joe Biden’s administration, Senate Republicans used the filibuster to block a bill that would raise the debt ceiling.

It’s a move that now threatens to cause a government shutdown and default on the national debt that Republicans themselves piled on during the last administration. Indeed, Donald Trump and Republican lawmakers drove up the debt by trillions of dollars over four years, including with a trillion-dollar tax giveaway to the wealthy and corporations.

Now Republicans are refusing to keep the payments on that debt from being sent out.

On Monday, Senate Republicans blocked a bill that would have raised the debt ceiling and kept the government running. Funding will run out on September 30th, which means the government will shut down and the nation will default on the debt in what would be a major blow to the economy in the middle of a pandemic that Republicans also refuse to take seriously.

This is all in opposition to an infrastructure bill that includes critical spending on child care, education, and climate change prevention, all of which Americans support and is paid for via increased taxes on the wealthy.

Republicans are already trying to blame Democrats for the government shutdown and the debt default even though they are the ones who blocked the bill. The Senate is split 50-50 with a tie-breaking vote by Vice-President Kamala Harris giving Democrats a slim majority. That is, when the filibuster isn’t being deployed, which then requires 60 votes.

Americans know exactly who is to blame for the catastrophe our country now faces.

Senate Democrats must stop Republicans from continuing to block critical legislation. The filibuster needs to be brought to an end immediately. Beyond that, Americans need to vote Republicans out of office because all they are interested in doing is sabotaging our country in their quest for absolute power.

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