Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) gave the standard NRA-approved “thoughts and prayers” response after a school shooting in Texas on Wednesday before blaming the violence on the imaginary “border crisis” and President Joe Biden.

The school shooting left several wounded, including a pregnant woman. Police launched a manhunt for the gunman and apprehended him. But, as usual, the response from Republicans was fake and insincere as the number of mass shootings this year has reached 537. The GOP certainly won’t take any action to prevent gun violence, and it’s clear that more guns aren’t solving the problem either. That’s probably why Republicans offered mere lip service to the shooting before quickly pivoting to act outraged about immigration.

That’s exactly what Cruz did.

“I know all of us are lifting up in prayer the students and the teachers and the first responders and the parents,” Cruz said. “There have been far too many of these, at far too many schools.”

Cruz offered no solutions to the violence and did not appear angry about the deaths in his own state at all, which makes sense since he also didn’t care about Texans freezing to death while he fled to Cancun with his family this past winter.

Cruz then blamed the shooting on the “border crisis” that doesn’t exist and President Joe Biden, all while acting far more outraged.

“We’re here today because of the Biden border crisis,” he said.

Twitter users were not amused, and they ripped Cruz a new one.

Ted Cruz and the rest of the GOP don’t care about kids getting murdered at schools. Period.

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