As Donald Trump continues to insist that he retains executive privilege powers as a disgraced ex-president, his attorneys were shredded in federal court and made a stunning admittance.

Trump has previously lost prior court battles over his executive privilege claims, which are aimed at blocking the release of documents that would expose his role in the Capitol insurrection on January 6th.

President Joe Biden has also twice refused Trump’s requests that he invoke executive privilege to keep the documents hidden from the House January 6th Committee and the public.

Now appellate court judges are seemingly preparing to shoot down Trump’s executive privilege claim as well because his lawyers not only could not give sufficient reasons why a former president should be able to overrule the sitting president, they admitted that the documents Trump wants to block are damning in nature.

Indeed, the Constitution only grants the current president the power of executive privilege. No former president has ever tried to invoke executive privilege precisely because former presidents retain none of their presidential powers upon leaving office.

Judge Millet then noted that Trump has not made any specific assertions explaining why the documents must be blocked from being released, just like he did not present any specific evidence of election fraud in his lawsuits seeking to overturn the election.

And then Clark admitted to the judges that the documents are potentially damning to Trump.

Clearly, the documents should be released to the House January 6th Committee, not only because former presidents do not have executive privilege powers, but also because the documents likely will expose Trump as a traitor to this nation who sought to overthrow our democracy.

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