According to Herschel Walker, who is running to be the GOP Senate candidate in the state of Georgia for the 2022 election, the late civil rights legend and member of Congress, John Lewis, wouldn’t support the voting rights act that was crafted by him and named in his honor.

During an interview, Walker was asked about voting rights and attempts to pass a comprehensive voting rights bill that would prevent states from disenfranchising those who are eligible to cast a ballot. He responded:

“What’s sad about that, using the name of a great man to brand something so bad, I think is terrible to do. Sen. Lewis was one of the greatest senators there’s ever been and for African-Americans was absolutely incredible. I think then to throw his name on a bill for voting rights, I think, is a shame. First of all, when you look at the bill, it doesn’t fit what what John Lewis stood for, and I think that is sad for them to do this to him.”

First of all, John Lewis served in the House, not the Senate. Seems like someone running for office should know that basic fact, doesn’t it?

Secondly, John Lewis was a strong proponent of guaranteeing voting rights to every eligible American, which is why he helped write the bill that now carries his name in tribute to him.

Social media quickly reminded Walker how wrong he was about everything regarding John Lewis and the right to vote: