In another sign that the Republican Party is beginning to turn against Donald Trump ahead of the 2024 Election, Rep. Tom Rice (R-S.C.) became the first GOP lawmaker to express regret for his vote to overturn the 2020 Election and admitted that Trump is responsible for the Capitol insurrection.

Several Republicans voted to overturn the election even after the insurrection ended on January 6th, including Rice. It was one of the most, if not the most, shameful days in American history. Republicans have been repeating Trump’s election lies ever since, with some even inciting future insurrections.

As the House January 6th Committee closes in on Trump and his allies, including several Republican lawmakers, Rice is expressing regret that he voted to overthrow democracy for Trump.

“In retrospect, I should have voted to certify,” Rice said in a statement. “Because President Trump was responsible for the attack on the Capitol.”

Rice went on to point out that Trump also “did nothing to stop it.”

Indeed, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyoming) took Trump to the woodshed earlier this month for knowing about the violence at the Capitol but failing to do anything about it for three hours before the National Guard was finally given the green light to clear the Capitol. Trump incited the attempted coup and gleefully watched it unfold for three hours in the hopes it would succeed so he could remain in power.

While some Republicans who had intended to vote against certification of the electoral vote count changed their mind after the insurrection, Rice did not.

“In the wee hours of that disgraceful night, while waiting for the Capitol of our great country to be secured, I knew I should vote to certify,” he said. “But because I had made a public announcement of my intent to object, I did not want to go back on my word. So yeah, I regret my vote to object. There was a coward in that equation, but it wasn’t Mike Pence.”

Now it’s time for all the other Republican cowards to admit they were wrong and condemn Trump for his seditious behavior. But several of them won’t because they either fear Trump or they are also eager to overthrow democracy. Those are the traitors who need to be thrown out of office and prosecuted.

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