Colorado Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has just published a new memoir entitled My American Life, and in it she insists that her husband, Jayson, who was arrested and charged with exposing his penis to girls at a bowling alley in 2004, was the real victim of that incident.

Sarah Westwood of The Washington Examiner has read Boebert’s book and reports that the congresswoman claims her husband was attempting to “bond” with her stepfather:

“The two of them went to the Rifle bowling alley and got to chatting over drinks.

“The female bartender flirted with Jayson, having heard previously from his friends what a catch he’d be. They even teased her by saying he’d gotten a great tattoo in a private area, which made her curious, so she pressed Jayson to show it to her right there at the bar. He ignored her and was embarrassed she was doing it in front of my stepfather. She wouldn’t stop.”

Lauren Boebert argues her husband was the one who felt harassed by the bartender, not the other way around, and that eventually he “decided he’d heard enough, stood up, and acted like he was going to unzip his pants.”

“Before he got that far, the owner of the bowling alley intervened,” Lauren Boebert writes.

However, witness statements taken by police at the time suggest that’s far from the truth:

A witness, one of the women mentioned as a victim in the 2004 sheriff’s report, said in a statement that Jayson Boebert “came up behind us and pulled his penis out of his pants” after personally bragging to her and another woman about his intimate tattoo.

A second young woman told police a nearly identical story that painted Jayson Boebert as the instigator.

What Ms. Boebert neglected to mention in her memoir is that she was also present when the incident occurred, and police reports show that she told officers she never saw her husband expose himself as others had.

The very idea of someone who lies as much as Lauren Boebert writing a “memoir” is absurd on its face. Her version of the “truth” is clearly at odds with the facts, meaning she has zero credibility and needs to be booted from Congress by the voters come November.

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