Former President Barack Obama was in College Park, Georgia on Friday to campaign on behalf of Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock (D), who is in a contentious re-election battle with Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

While Walker likes to brag that he’s an “outsider” who will shake things up if he wins the election, Obama told the crowd that not having any lawmaking experience isn’t exactly a good thing, with HuffPost reporting:

Obama imagined people seeing Walker in the airport or hospital and allowing him to fly the airplane or do surgery because of his success on the football field.

“You wouldn’t say that,” said Obama.

Obama said “the opposite is true, too” in that people may have liked him as a president but wouldn’t want his “slow, old, skinny behind” on the football field.

“You’d have to scrape me off the field,” he cracked, before flipping his “Yes, we can” slogan to: “No, I can’t. No, I can’t.”


The former president also noted that Republicans don’t have any solutions to the problems that face the country:

“Just about every Republican politician seems obsessed with two things – owning the libs and getting Donald Trump’s approval. That’s their agenda, it is not long, it is not complicated and, at least to me, it is not very inspiring. They aren’t interested in actually solving problems. They are interested in making you angry and finding someone to blame. Because that way you may not notice that they have got not answers of their own.”

And there was this riff on how Walker is merely a famous person who wants to be a serious political figure:

“There is very little evidence that he has taken any interest, bothered to learn anything about or displayed any kind of inclination towards public service or volunteer work or helping people in anyway,” Obama said, later nodding to Trump by arguing that Walker appears to be a “celebrity that wants to be a politician and we have seen how that goes.”

A recent Quinnipiac University poll shows Warnock leading Walker 52 to 45%.

Featured Image: NBC News