Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake is losing to her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, and needs someone to blame for the way the GOP underperformed in the 2022 midterms, so she’s decided to attack Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) who coasted to reelection on Tuesday evening.

Speaking with right-wing host Dave Crowder, Lake remarked:

“What I think they’re doing is they’re slow rolling our victory. They want to take the air out of this movement and they can’t do it because it’s a movement and we, the people, are fed up.”

“And so they slow roll the results. You know, Ron DeSantis goes out and gives his big speech and then they want to make it look like the Trump Republicans don’t have a chance. We do. We’re going to win.”


Lake has also suggested that Democrats are attempting to steal the election from her, just as she claims former president Donald Trump did, telling supporters Tuesday evening as the results began to trickle in, CNN notes:

“We had November 3, 2020, that was called incompetency 101,” Lake said. She went on to suggest there was “incompetency” at play in both the August primary and in Tuesday’s election – a not-so-subtle critique of her opponent’s oversight over elections. It was not immediately clear what she was referring to, but there has been no evidence of any widespread fraud.

“We need honest elections and we’re going to bring them to you, Arizona, I assure you of that. The system we have right now does not work,” Lake said. She later told her supporters to be patient and said she was confident that she would win.

The current vote totals in Arizona continue to show Hobbs leading Lake by approximately 13,000 votes with 70% of the ballots counted so far.

Featured Image: NBC News